the noble woman

The Power of Self-awareness....

When it comes to having a healthy relationship with yourself and others, you must be self-aware. Actually, you must not only be self-aware, but you must also be others aware as well. 

There is usually so much going on when it comes to relationship interactions. You have emotional reactions towards others; they have emotional reactions to you. Behind the scenes, you have attitudes and thoughts that impact how you will respond to any situation.  This is where FAMU steps in; to impact knowledge, equip, and influence self- awareness in relationships through programs, and forums.

Reveal the ‘I’ Within!

‘Before You Say I Love You, Figure Out the ‘I’ ~ Faith Murithi.

The Noble Woman Program

Make Your Own Transformational Story....

Join Our Life-Changing Mentorship Programs and Live Experiences

The Noble Woman is a 12-Session self-awareness program that explores behaviour patterns and nurtures godly virtues. 

Reveal the 'I' Within - In the same way, an artist reveals the beautiful sculpture that is hidden within a block of marble, each of us must chip away the outer layers that prevent us from seeing and becoming what God intended us to be. 

Would you love to have:-

  • Ability to recognize and destroy destructive patterns that are not aligned with your values?
  • Boldness to be assertive, courageous, and confident to walk in the truth of God?
  • Clarity on your purpose and understanding why it is important to make decisions rooted in purpose?
  • Deeper understanding of who you are, your strengths, and how to add value to your life and others?
  • Experience the power of grace for your flaws and imperfections in Christ?
 If YES, then you are at the right place!

Enrollment is open for the May 6, 2023 Intake.  

PHYSICAL Sessions Only:-

  • Saturdays: (8.00 am to 11.00 am)
  • Sessions - Twelve (12) - One session per week.
  • Venue - YWCA Parkview Flats.

What is expected of you:-

  • Attend the sessions once a week. 
  • Access personal assignments and notes on Google Classroom.
  • Fill in your workbook (The Noble Woman Workbook)
  • Attend the Annual Graduation to be held on Saturday,  December 2, 2023

We know that self-awareness is not a quick fix but happens one step at a time.  In this regard, we offer a one-year  follow-up after completing the program. 

Please Note:  All Covid-19 protocol shall be observed during the physical meetings. 

Your Total Investment for the Noble Woman Program will be:-

Kshs. 36,000/- Payable in two installments. 

One-On-One Private Sessions - Kshs. 5,000/- per session.

The program is inclusive of:

  • Twelve (12) Sessions
  • The Noble Woman Workbook. (Two Hard Copies)
  • Notebook & Pen.


  • A Retreat in between.
  • A Luncheon in the end. 
  • An Annual Graduation in December. 

Your Personal Development Is Your Responsibility

Become a lifelong student and have a desire to learn things that will improve your skill in any field of endeavor, be it ministry, marriage, planning, or anything that will position you for greatness.

Personal development in its purest form is all about renewing your mind (Romans 12:2) and training (2 Timothy 2:15) yourself to become the best of what God intended you to be. 

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