Success Stories

Esther Odenyi,
Prudent Wife

"Sitting down under FAMU, You invest in Godly knowledge about relationships and marriage. I keep reading my notes over and over. My favorite topic is on decorating the seven rooms in a house. This is how I renew my mind and unlearn past experiences.''

Rosalind Nyaga,
Noble Woman

''To call Noble Woman a program is unfair. I would say, it's a transformative journey. This was the first place I learned how to audit myself and relate to God in a very personal way. You become conscious of the way you walk, think, and relate.''

Joyce Meeme,
Noble Woman

"Noble Woman is a program that is so deep yet so real. It’s not a course, you can’t read it in books nor can you get it from others’ descriptions or explanations. You have to experience it. The experience has impacted my life greatly. I thank God that our paths crossed."

Beth Mumo,
Noble Woman

What can I say, I am a changed woman thanks to the Noble Woman mentorship program. I have realized Christ is the foundation of everything he is my groom. This is the place to be your life will take a 180° turn for the better.

Malia Mang'atu,
Noble Woman

This walk has been very personal for me. I have gotten to look at things from a different set of eyes and it could not have come at a better time in my life. I will forever be grateful for this program. It has been life-changing for me.

Morgan & Maggie,
Premarital Coaching

We feel more confident about marriage after taking FAMU premarital program. Not only did it help prepare both of us for marriage, but it also helped us grow closer to God. We learned so much that we could never have thought about each other, marriage, and how to honor God in our marriage. ​We had a wonderful and amazing experience. Our favorite topic was Finances.

Nick & Kathy,
Premarital Coaching

Our premarital sessions with FAMU were awesome!​ We loved understanding foundations and temperaments. Knowing more about each other’s strengths and shortcomings, and why we behave the way we do. ​The aspect of Christ as the foundation of marriage was a great pacesetter for us. Our favorite topic was Foundations.

William Thwagi & Joy

I want to express my gratitude for guiding us through the premarital program. It was enlightening and impactful. I now understand how family background and individual temperament can strain a marriage, and I see these as potential challenges that the enemy may exploit. The coaching has helped us set boundaries in communication, especially avoiding character assassination.

Previously, I believed in maintaining a secret bank account and being dishonest about finances in marriage. Thanks to the coaching, my perspective has changed, and I am committed to having transparency about money in my future marriage.

Lastly, the coaching emphasized that love is crucial for a successful marriage, and it’s more about giving love than receiving it. This insight has inspired me to pray daily for guidance in walking in love, aiming for a fulfilling future marriage and effective ministry. Blessings to you!

— William Thwagi

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