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''To call Noble Woman a program is unfair. I would say, it's a trans-formative journey. This was the first place I learned how to audit myself and to relate to God in a very personal way. You become conscious of the way you walk, think and relate.''
001 - Rosalind N.
#Noble Woman Program
''Sitting down under FAMU, You actually invest in Godly knowledge about relationships and marriage. I keep reading my notes over and over. My favorite topic is in the seven rooms in a house. It is how I renew my mind and unlearn past experiences.''
002 - Esther O.
#Noble Woman Program
''We feel more confident about marriage after taking FAMU Premarital Program. Not only did it help prepare both of us for marriage, but it also helped us grow closer to God and to each other. We had a wonderful and an amazing experience.''
003 - Morgan & Maggie
#Marriage Mentorship Program
"Our Premarital Sessions with FAMU were awesome! The aspect of Christ as the foundation of marriage was a great pacesetter for us. Knowing more about each other's strengths and shortcomings, and why we behave the way we do.''
004 - Kathy & Nick
#Marriage Mentorship Program
''The mentorship experience was so profound, insightful, and an eye-opener. We used to character assassinate each other. This was out of ignorance. After taking the marriage mentorship program, we ruled it out as a communication boundary.''
005 - Joy & William
#Marriage Mentorship Program
"I really enjoyed the bridal shower where I first heard Faith speak. I have been lucky to listen to her again in 2 other showers. She made me reflect on a lot of things in my past that I would truly desire to undo and yes, it was challenging but pleasant to be rebuked in love."
006 - Patricia W.
#Bridal Showers

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